Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

72nd Production

Waltz of the Toreadors

By Jean Anouilh

17th - 21st February 1970

An interesting fact recently unearthed by a survey minded ‘Star’: Anouilh is the most-often performed playwright at Scunthorpe’s Civic Theatre.

You will enjoy Waltz of the Toreadors. Amusing, absorbing, it is one of the best Continental plays to be staged since the war (not to mention providing an entertaining film vehicle for Peter Sellers).

Waltz of the Toreadors is sharply witty, with an irresistible trace of French romantic melancholy…

General St. Pé, ageing now, relives his military triumphs as he dictates his memoirs: he is still at heart the rumbustious cavalryman of his youth with a keen eye for the ladies. Around this towering central character are woven a neglected wife, an understanding G.P., a former love, an innocent secretary, an unhurried Curé and the various members of his household…

Anouilh, of course, can be relied upon to provide an unexpected twist for the ending.


General St. Pé

Emily, his wife

Gaston, his secretary

Estella, his daughter

Sidonia, his daughter

Doctor Bonfant

Ghislaine de Ste-Euverte

Eugenie, a maid

Mme. Dupont-Fredaine

Father Ambrose

Pamela, a maid

Michael Bradley

Doreen Sutton

Peter Ward

Judith Wilson

Penny Fowler

David Elford

Joan Brown

Beryl Rooney

Pauline Clayton

Brian Lewis

Deanne Barratt

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Stage Manager

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Ivan Clayton

Alan Cressey

Carol Peasgood

David Wilson

John Harrop

Les Brown

John Fowler

Phyllis Dadd

Evelyn Raby

Margaret Hague

Ivan Clayton

Christine Spindley

Fay Hopper

Glyn Roberts

Mavis Ellin

Mike Bradley, Peter Ward, Brian Lewis, Joan Brown and David Elford