Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

103rd Production

There Goes The Bride

By Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Tuesday 27th - Saturday 31st May 1980

Why on the morning of his daughter's wedding does Timothy Westerby suddenly start talking to and dancing with someone no-one else can see?

Who is Polly? Is she a kitten; a parrot or an electric blanket? And what are Timothy's mysterious 'do-dahs'?

Is Ursula really Tim's wife or is she married to Bill who is shorter? Is the Groom's father called Babcock; Alcock; Cassock or Basingstoke?

Come along to the Civic Theatre to see Hospital Players' final production of the season and you may find the answers to these questions. You will certainly enjoy this hilariously funny play by two of the masters of comedy.


Ursula Westerby

Judy Westerby

Dr. Gerald Drimmond

Daphne Drimmond

Timothy Westerby

Bill Shorter

Polly Perkins

Charles Babcock

Joan Crowther

Cathie Burrell

Alan Tasker

Janet Cann

Keith Saville

Paul Dennis

Jan Hagg

Chris Hagg

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John Preston

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Chris Spindley

Mike Westland

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