Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

 87th Production

The Tale of the Red Dragon

By Alfred Bradley

Tuesday 10th - Saturday 14th December 1974


Wei Ku (the Property Man)

Lee Nyiang (a poor Pie seller)

Her Mother

Jen Hou Tzu (a boastful Monkey)


The Jade Spirit

The Spirit of the Blue Waters

The Queen of Midnight

The Spirit of the Yellow Flowers

The Spirit of the Silver Bells

The Red Dragon

Les Tong

Dorothy Coakley

Marian Westland

Bob Perks

Margaret Hague

Jill Burns

Yvonne Edlington

Joan Brown

Lesley Hindmarsh

Mark Rudd

Keith Saville

Production Team


Assisted by

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers




Set Design

Set Construction





Press Publicity

Poster Design

The Musicians

David Elford

Jill Burns

Gordon Gregson

John Preston

Chris Squire

Avril Fisher

Christine Spindley

David Elford

Gordon Gregson

Mark Rudd

Bill Bateson

Roy Gregson

Eric Such

Chris Freer

Christine Spindley

Paul Empson

John Connell

Front of House

House Managers

Box Office

Theatre Licensee

Theatre Manager

Stage Managers

Janet Wilson

David Elford

Phyllis Dadd

Myles Lucas

Mavis Ellin

Brian Lewis

Tony Holmes

Pictured (left to right): Keith Saville, Jill Burns, Bob Perks, Margaret Hague and Les Tong