Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

116th Production


The Rivals


A Comedy by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

With incidental music selected from the symphonies of Mr. Boyce


Tuesday 25th - Saturday 29th September 1984

No play, whatever its literary merit, can last, as 'The Rivals' has, for over 200 years of regular revival without considerable popular appeal.

Wherein then lies this appeal? In its wit certainly, and in the genuine though comic presentations of its wealth of characters - rough and ready Squire Acres; dear silly Mrs. Malaprop, with her misuse of big words; the romantic Lydia Languish and so on.

Above all, though, it is the sheer high spirits that the youthful Sheridan poured into this, his first masterpiece, that makes it an 18th century romp not to be missed.

Dramatis Personae

Sir Anthony Absolute

Captain Absolute, his son

Faulkland, betrothed to Miss Melville

Acres, a country gentleman

Sir Lucius O'Trigger, an Irish gentleman

Fag, Captain Absolute's man

David, Acres' man

Thomas, Sir Anthony's coachman

A Boy, servant at Captain Absolute's lodgings

Mrs. Malaprop, a widow of Bath

Miss Lydia Languish, her ward

Miss Julia Melville, Sir Anthony's ward

Lucy, Miss Languish's maid

Maid to Mrs. Malaprop

Landlady at Acres' lodgings

Maid to Miss Melville

Gentlemen of the set

Mr. Elford

Mr. McCubbin

Mr. Squire

Mr. Dennis

Mr. Moate

Mr. Hagg

Mr. Bateson

Mr. Freer

Master Bacon

Mrs. Brown

Miss Edwards

Mrs. Hagg

Mrs. Bacon

Miss Bolton

Mrs. Wiseman

Mrs. Burns

Mr. Tong

Mr. Saville

Mr. Justice

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Homburgs of Leeds

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Mr. Elford

Mr. Elford

Mr. Tong

Mrs. Lynch

Mr. Preston

Mrs. Westland

Miss Dadd

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Stage Managers

Miss Ellin

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Messrs Holmes, Hickson and Moody