Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

190th Production

The Office Party

By John Godber

Tuesday 27th - Saturday 31st January 2009

Before David Brent, there was Gavin in John Godber’s ‘The Office Party.’ Picture ‘The Office’ meets ‘Love Actually’ and you know you will be in for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, love and tears in this comedy which leads seven diverse characters through the minefield of office politics, petty differences, sexual harassment and hidden desires. And it’s just another day at work!


At the advertising company Chapman and Howard, the staff have taken great pains to prepare for their traditional Christmas bash, and to ensure that they avoid any scandals similar to last year’s which resulted in a visit from the police and the Managing Director’s divorce! All the stock characters are here: the flirty secretary, the geeky graphics designer, the letch, the office mum, the boss, the new girl and the colleague perpetually on the edge. But when the drinks flow and the good times roll, the party lurches from one disaster to another.


This comic drama is one that we can all relate to, so bring a group of friends and colleagues, sit back and have a fun evening in the theatre.









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