Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

 54th Production


The Love of Four Colonels


By Peter Ustinov

12th - 15th February 1964


Colonel Desmond de S. Rinder-Sparrow

Colonel Wesley Breitenspiegel

Colonel Aime Frappot

Colonel Alexander Ikonenko

The Mayor of Herzogenburg

The Wicked Fairy

The Good Fairy

The Beauty

Mrs. Breitenspiegel

Mme. Frappot

Mrs. Rinder-Sparrow

Mme. Ikonenko

Michael Bradley

David Mann

Nigel Shaw

George Yeomans

David Elford

Hedley Brown

Joan Brown

Pauline Clayton

Doreen Sutton

Susan Dann

Joan McPhun

Jean Coote

Production Team



Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers



Sound Effects

Set designed by

House Manager (for The Hospital Players)

Theatre Manager (for Scunthorpe Corporation)

Eric Dove

Phyllis Dadd

Doreen Sutton

Michael Hall

David Wilson

Jim Cross

Alan Cressey

George Yeomans

Pauline Clayton*

R. G. Roberts

*Barbara Swaby is the House Manager for Hospital Players, and not Pauline Clayton as stated.

Programme Notes

During the past season we have presented two plays, “Hay Fever” and “Toad of Toad Hall.” Both, we are pleased to report, have been very successful productions, especially the latter.


We hope that the current trend back to the theatre will continue.


In contrast to “Toad,” we now present a very unusual and amusing treatment of an international situation in “The Love of Four Colonels.”


This is the last production of the present season owing to the Shakespeare Festival in April. We shall be back in September and we hope to see you all at the Theatre for the 1964-5 season.