Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

28th Production


The Light of Heart


By Emlyn Williams

12th to 14th September 1956


Mrs. Banner



Bevan (a policeman)

Maddoc Thomas

Cattrin (his daughter)


Mrs. Lothian

Pat Spouge

Richard V. Wood

Joan Brown

Kenneth F. Coates

Brian Borrill

Shirley Borrill

Donald K. Beaumont

Mavis Ellin

Production Team


Assistant Producer

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Property Mistress


House Manager

Business Manager

Kenneth F. Coates

Mavis Ellin

Phyllis G. Dadd

Ann Marris

Raymond Spencer

Mary Clarkson

Mrs. A. F. Perkins

Mary Hornsby

Richard V. Wood

Brian Borrill
Donald Beaumont
Joan Brown
Kenneth Coates
Mavis Ellin
Pat Spouge
Richard Wood
Shirley Borrill

Society Notes

We warmly welcome all our patrons to yet another season – a season which, we trust, will be successful from both an entertainment and artistic standpoint.


The lack of a professional theatre in the town is very much regretted by many people who enjoy the more personal approach, and with this in mind we intend to present four plays this season. In an attempt to satisfy all tastes these plays will be of a balanced and varied nature, and by this means it is hoped that we can cater for those members of the public who prefer their theatre “live.”


This new style programme has been produced in an attempt to acquaint our patrons with the members of the Society. It is felt that in this way a closer contact will be obtained between both sides of the footlights. In future it is intended to introduce you to members taking part in the play, and to keep you in touch with our aims and ambitions. As a general introduction, however, let it suffice to say that our members are drawn from many varied walks of life – the only qualification we ask is that they should share our enthusiasm and appreciation of drama and the theatre. These are the driving forces behind our Society, in which opportunity is afforded for individual characterisation, and collective portrayal.


The Society is a self-supporting organisation and as such stands or falls on the support we receive at each and every performance. Without your continued and valued support all the enthusiasm in the world could not keep the Society active. We on our part appreciate that if the standard of productions is not sufficiently high then that support will not be forthcoming – but we do ask that if you have enjoyed our play then tell your friends to come along. Only be increasing the size of our audiences can we obtain the material things, such as lighting equipment, props, and settings which will enable us to raise the standard of our productions.


The Society sincerely hopes that you will enjoy the play tonight, and that you will come along on future occasions.