Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

 48th Production


The Complaisant Lover


By Graham Greene

20th - 23rd June 1962


Victor Rhodes

William Howard

Clive Root

Ann Howard

Margaret Howard

Mary Rhodes

Robin Rhodes

A Hotel Valet

Dr Van Droog

Michael Bradley

James Gray

David Mann

Frances Ward

Joan McPhun

Pauline Clayton

Michael Hodge

David Masterman

Eric Dove

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers




Sound Effects


Set designed and built by

Décor by

House Manager (for The Hospital Players)

Licensee and Manager (for Scunthorpe Corporation)

Eric Dove

John Harrop

Lorraine Hill

Allan Cressey

Susan Parrott

Yvonne Booth

Fred Swainson

Jim Cross

John Harrop

Joyce Smith

Mavis Ellin

J. H. E. Biggs

Programme Notes

“The Complaisant Lover” brings us to the end of a very arduous season. We had hoped to give you “The Boy Friend” but illness among our members and other difficulties prevented us from doing so.


The theme of this play is adult and universal. We hope you enjoy Greene’s approach to, and treatment of, this theme and last, but not least, our production of the play.


Our programme for next season is not yet complete, but we assure you it will be as varied as possible. We do wish that we had more male members!