Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

1st Production


The Admirable Crichton


By Sir J. M. Barrie


Saturday 19th June 1943


 Hon. Ernest Wooley

 Crichton, a Butler

 Lady Agatha Lasenby

 Lady Catherine Lasenby

 Lady Mary Lasenby

 Rev. John Treherne

Lord Loam

Lord Brocklehurst

Mrs. Perkins, Housekeeper

 Monsieur Fleury, Chef

 Rolleston, Valet

 Tompsett, Coachman

 Fisher, Lady Mary’s Maid

 Simmons, Lady Catherine’s Maid

 Jeanne, Lady Agatha’s Maid

 Thomas, Footman

 John, Footman

 Jane, Kitchen Maid

 Gladys, Kitchen Maid

 Tweeny, a Between Maid




 Lady Brocklehurst

 William Wood

 Fred Jeffery

 Beth Basford

 Nancy Firth

 Yvonne Burgess

 Gerald Fish

 Fred W. Hill

 Frank Hancock

 Edith Crisp

 George W. Sanderson

 Terrance Nuttall

 Ernest Fitzpatrick

 Nancy Armitage

 Joan Harrison

 Betty Raby

 Clifford Good

 William E. Priest

 Brenda Hornsby

 Doreen Ward

 Betty Hale

 John B. Price

 Keith Nuttall

 George W. Sanderson

 Hazel Russell

Production Team


Stage Manager


Lighting Effects

Property Master

Stage Carpenter

Secretary and Business Manager

Mr. E. Price

Mr. H. Curtis

Mr. E. Curtis

Mr. J. Spink

Mr. K. Liddall

Mr. G. W. Sanderson

Mr. F. J. Crisp

Cast Memories

'The Admirable Crichton' entailed a great deal of work during rehearsals - especially trying to get all the cast together - but eventually the great day dawned and the dress rehearsal was held the previous Sunday afternoon at the Savoy Theatre. At that time the theatre was 'live' and it meant that large props could not be taken there until the day of the show. Like all dress rehearsals there was a state of chaos, followed by a week of apprehension until the show was presented the following Saturday afternoon. Only one performance was given (to a reasonably good sized audience) so many of the props had to be moved in the theatre on Saturday morning and out again after the performance so as not to interfere with the normal shows.

All in all it was a happy and, I recollect, a satisfactory performance but little did I dream that this would prove to be the birth of a Society that has gone from strength to strength over the years.

Fred Jeffery

'The Admirable Crichton' was a most ambitious project at a time when it was almost impossible to find materials for scenery or costumes - difficult even to provide ourselves, on coupons, with everyday clothing. Crichton, a true Desert Island castaway, made his own costume from sacks.

We did have the benefit of the large stage and lighting of the Savoy Theatre, albeit for a Saturday afternoon only. However it had no scenery we could use and our doors and windows were propped up against black curtains. Cut-outs of rock formations proved hazardous, if hilarious, from the audience's view-point. Despite its faults the production proved a success, perhaps because it was for charity [to raise money for the Hospital, dependent at that time on voluntary contributions], but also perhaps because it filled a gap in what was for many people a life made up mainly of work. We provided an opportunity to see a live play.

Yvonne Clark (formerly Yvonne Burgess)

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