Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

102nd Production

Tell Tale Murder

By Philip Weathers

Tuesday 11th - Saturday 15th March 1980

Since the disappearance of her husband 17 years before, Jane Mannion has lived a life of seclusion on the coast with her children and a macabre old woman. Suspected by local gossips of poisoning her husband she shuns village society and extends a grudging welcome to her son's fiancée and her father.

The latter is a lawyer with a firm belief in heredity and he needs to make a thorough check on his future son in law's family history.

When a body is found in a disused mine shaft on the moor, which Jane identifies as her husband, the lawyer discovers more than he bargained for.

What happened 17 years ago and what did he uncover? To find the answers to these questions you will have to see the show.


Jane Mannion

Bentley Richmond


David Mannion

Maureen Richmond

Vanessa Richmond

Richard Mannion


Jill Burns

Chris Freer

Judie Bateson

John Haslehurst

Joan Crowther

Jan Hagg

Keith Saville

Paul Dennis

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Les Tong

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Bob Perks

Doreen Sutton

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Les Tong

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Chris Hagg

Les Tong

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