Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

79th Production

Strike Happy

By Duncan Greenwood

11th - 15th April 1972

Come and enjoy a genuine North Country comedy. Strike Happy will not solve any industrial relations problem, but it will make you laugh.

The Plot so far…

Albert Hellewell is likeable, lazy and on strike. He is happy. Clara, his wife, is not. Hard-up, and irked by the workshy attitude of her mate, she stages her own strike and moves out, accompanied by her daughter Elsie.

Albert and Elsie’s fiancé, George, are left to cope as best they can.

With no money in his pocket Albert is stirred to activity. He starts to sub-let parts of the house. An assortment of lodgers appear, among them Mrs. Flannel and her daughter Rosie.

Now Clara is a forthright woman, skilled in the arts of matrimonial infighting, so when Mrs. Flannel sets her cap at Albert, and Rosie displays more than a passing interest in George’s direction…


Clara Hellewell

Elsie Hellewell

Albert Hellewell

George Seegar

Benjamin Tapeworth

Mrs. Flannel

Rosie Flannel



Doreen Sutton

Carol Peasgood

Brian Lewis

Bob Perks

Peter Wood

Joan Brown

Patsy Westland

Margaret Hague

Geraldine Lattimore

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David Elford

Chris Spindley

Margaret Hague

Alan Lattimore

David Wilson

Geraldine Lattimore

Jill Burns

Eric Such

Keith Sykes

Phyllis Dadd

Chris Spindley

Alan Lattimore

Joan Peasgood

Phyllis Dadd

Lynne Leaning

David Elford

Bob Perks, Peter Wood and Brian Lewis

Joan Brown, Brian Lewis and Bob Perks