Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

115th Production

Sisterly Feelings

By Alan Ayckbourn

Tuesday 20th - Saturday 24th March 1984

"Sisterly Feelings" is one of the funniest scripts to come from today's most popular playwright.

For a cast of twelve Alan Ayckbourn has woven an intriguing blend of comedy ranging from wry humour to near-farce. Opening with a funeral and ending with a wedding the play revolves around the choices faced by two sisters - Abigail and Dorcas - in their relationships with family, boyfriends and, not least, each other.

Do not miss the hilarious picnic scene or the night under the canvas!


Dr. Ralph Matthews

Det. Insp. Len Coker

Rita Coker

Abigail Smythe

Patrick Smythe

Dorcas Matthews

Melvyn Matthews

Brenda Grimshaw

Simon Grimshaw

Stafford Wilkins

P.C. Murphy

Chris Freer

Keith Saville

Joan Brown

Jacky Bacon

John Preston

Jan Hagg

James Leigh

Diane Bolton

Paul Dennis

Chris Hagg

David Rees

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