Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

145th Production

Season's Greetings

By Alan Ayckbourn

9th - 13th November 1993

'Season's Greetings,' Alan Ayckbourn's wry look at the festive season. Experience the traditional family Christmas with its merriment and feuds.

We all know what it is like, Christmas is upon you, the family is gathering, chaos reigns in the kitchen, the cook is drunk, the men cannot leave the children's presents alone or find any opportunity to avoid both work and the kids' traditional puppet show by going to the pub.

Add to all this a guest, an author whose first book has just been published, but not read by anyone, who having been invited by the younger sister of the hostess is immediately attracted to the hostess, you have all the ingredients for an hilarious evening's entertainment.

Why not join us at the Plowright Theatre to see how they cope.



Belinda, his wife

Phyllis, his sister

Harvey, his Uncle

Bernard, Phyllis's husband

Rachel, Belinda's sister


Pattie, Eddie's wife


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Chris Freer

David Elford

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Bill Bateson

Karen Preston

Paul Dennis

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