Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

31st Production


Seagulls Over Sorrento


By Hugh Hastings

2nd to 4th May 1957

The Youth Centre


Able Seaman McIntosh ("Haggis")

Able Seaman Sims ("Sprog")

Able Seaman Turner ("Lofty")

Able Seaman Badger

Petty Officer Herbert

Lt-Comdr. Redmond D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N.

Sub-Lieut. Granger, R.N.

Able Seaman Hudson ("Radar")

A Telegraphist ("Sparks")

Michael Bradley

James D. Gray

Donald Beaumont

Richard V. Wood

Ivan F. Clayton

Fred J. Butler

John Graham

Kenneth F. Coates

Jim Tierney

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Property Mistress

House Manager

Set designed and executed by

Kenneth F. Coates

Brian Borrill

Mavis Ellin

Raymond Spencer

Mary Clarkson

Phyllis G. Dadd

Ivan F. Clayton

Society Notes

The present play brings the 1956/7 season to a close and we feel that a short review of the Society’s activities would probably be of interest.


The season has been a very active one for the majority of members – in fact the male members of the Society seem to have been rehearsing non-stop for the past eight months. For the first time in the Society’s history four full-length plays have been presented and in addition a one-act play was entered in the Scunthorpe Drama Festival.


In an attempt to cater for all tastes the programme has been varied and although we may not have pleased all our patrons at each production it is hoped that everyone has enjoyed at least one of the plays presented.


The first two productions, “The Light of Heart” and “Intent to Murder,” were two dramas of entirely different types – the second half of the season started with the domestic comedy “Fools Rush In,” and although “Seagulls over Sorrento” is for the most part a comedy, it does contain a certain amount of drama and not by any stretch of the imagination could it be termed ‘domestic.’


Considering the difficulties which practically all amateur dramatic societies experience in respect of rehearsal room – painting, transporting and erecting scenery; the financial difficulties which tend to restrict the scope of productions – we feel that the season has been successful and one of the most ambitious in the Society’s history.


We sincerely thank all our patrons who have supported us so loyally and hope that they have enjoyed their periodic visits to the Youth Centre – the next season will open in October and we look forward to seeing you all again at that time.