Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

166th Production

Run for Your Wife

By Ray Cooney

Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd September 2000


Mary Smith

Barbara Smith

John Smith

Detective Sgt. Troughton

Stanley Gardner

Newspaper Reporter

Detective Sgt. Porterhouse

Bobby Franklyn

Jan Gregory

Melanie Mason

Paul Dennis

Andy Pontin

Graham Wells

Lonnie Robinson

Brian Lewis*

Mike Jarvis

*Due to unforeseen circumstances, the part of Detective Sgt. Porterhouse was played by Ann Brown during play week

Production Team


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Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager





Set Construction

Set Painting




Set Design

Poster Design

Light and Sound


Press and Publicity


Front of House Manager

Ann Brown

Judie Bateson

Caroline Norden

Judie Bateson

Lynn Burkinshaw

Paula Fawcett

Leslie Brumby

Emma Skipworth

Brian Lewis

Caroline Norden

Lynn Burkinshaw

Zoe Burkinshaw

Ann Brown

David Elford

Graham Wells

Maria Jarvis

Bill Bateson

Margaret Tong

David Elford

Eleanor Pontin