Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

92nd Production

Post Horn Gallop

By Derek Benfield

Tuesday 28th September - Saturday 2nd October 1976


Ada, the maid

Lord Elrood

Lady Elrood

Patricia, their daughter

Miss Partridge

Chester Dreadnought

Bert, a visitor

Maggie, his wife

Capone, a gangster

Wedgwood, his assistant

George Willis, a scoutmaster

Jill Burns

David Elford

Joan Brown

Heather Graves

Hazel Green

Paul Dennis

Bill Bateson

Judie Smith

Steve Cooper

Les Tong

Chris Freer

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers








Set Design

Set Construction and Painting


Pictures painted by

Press Publicity

Production Secretary

John Preston

David Graves

Jacquie Fisher

Bob Perks

Ann O’Donaghue

Leslie Hindmarsh

Marian Westland

Chris Squire

Mike Westland

Keith Saville

Bill Bateson

Bill Bateson

Society members

Chris Spindley

David Graves

Hazel Green

Front of House

House Manager

Box Office

Theatre Licensee

Theatre Manager

Stage Managers

Jan Wilson

Phyllis Dadd

Myles Lucas

Mavis Ellin

Brian Lewis

Tony Holmes