Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

73rd Production

Pools Paradise

By Philip King

19th - 23rd May 1970

We confess! ‘Pools Paradise’ is an end-of-season romp, and we are enjoying it as much as we hope you will.

Following the whimsical, melancholic humour of Anouilh’s ‘Waltz of the Toreadors,’ ‘Pools Paradise’ brings us back to earth with a bump.

Laughter invades the sleepy parish of Merton-cum-Middlewick as the plot races on from one awkward situation to the next.

The Rev. Lionel Toop’s indignation of finding his wife (albeit unwittingly) involved in gambling is equalled only by his embarrassment as he attempts to hide from the pressing attentions of the predatory Miss Skillon.

The combined efforts of his clerical colleagues, and of the maid and her intended, are only just enough to bring the play to its inevitably happy, if unlikely, conclusion.


Penelope Toop

Ida, the Maid

The Rev. Lionel Toop

Miss Skillon

Willie Briggs

The Rev. Arthur Humphrey

The Bishop of Lax


Joan Brown

Susan Hunt

Michael Bradley

Phyllis Dadd

David Wilson

Brian Lewis

Hedley Brown

Nicholas Goodison

John Turner

Mark Turner

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers



Sound Operator




Set Designed and Painted by

House Manager

Theatre Manager

Assistant Theatre Manager

David Elford

David Brown

Evelyn Raby

Carol Peasgood

David Roberts

Tony Chatterton

John Harrop

Phyllis Dadd

Sylvia Chatterton

Christine Spindley

Marilynne Harrison

Glyn Roberts

Mavis Ellin