Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

109th Production

Maria Marten


Murder in the Red Barn

By Brian Burton

Tuesday 30th March - Saturday 3rd April 1982

Characters in the Play

William Corder - the Squire's son, an evil man

Thomas Marten - an honest rustic in the vale of years

Tim Bobbin - a simple rustic

Johnny Badger - a young man in love with Maria

Pharos Lee - an Officer of the Law

Maria Marten - daughter of Thomas Marten

Mrs. Marten - his wife

Anne Marten - her younger sister

Meg Bobbin - Tim's sister

Nell Hatfield - a gypsy woman

Petra Andrews - a gypsy

Rosa Post - a gypsy

Alice Rumble - Corder's maid

Mr. Hagg

Mr. Freer

Mr. Dennis  

Mr. Squire

Mr. Bateson 

Miss Cox

Mrs. Hall 

Mrs. Hagg

Mrs. Robbins 

Mrs. J. Brown

Mrs. Burns 

Mrs. L. Young

Miss Gooseman

Production Team

The Production under the Direction of

Musical Accompaniment upon the Pianoforte by

Costumes Worked by

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Scenery Designed and Constructed by


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Illumination Engineered by


Properties Assembled by

Off-Stage Manipulations Executed by


Assisted by

Mr. Elford

Mr. Ricketts

Mrs. M. Young

Mrs. Wiseman

Miss Spindley

and other Ladies

Mr. Tong

Mr. Bateson

Mr. Young

Miss Cox

Mr. Westland

Mr. Lewis

Mrs. A. Brown

Mr. Bateson

Mr. Preston

Mrs. Tong