Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

210th Production

Lucky Sods

By John Godber

Tuesday 8th - Saturday 12th September 2015

Morris and Jean never seriously expect to win the National Lottery. When they do – to the tune of two million pounds – they can't believe their luck. Their lives are irredeemably changed by the windfall – the question is, for better or worse? Will Morris's prophecy that bad luck always follows good turn out to be true? Can money buy happiness? Is enough ever enough? John Godber addresses these questions with his customary wit and compassion in this sharply observed and brutally funny play.










Andy Pontin

Melanie Mason

Graham Wells

Jacky Bacon

Angie Childs

Rachel Ireland

Mick Metcalfe

Joshua Graves*

*The Waiter was played by Jake West on Friday evening

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Brian Lewis

The Players are mourning the recent death of one of our unsung heroes, Brian Lewis. Brian had been associated with the society for over fifty years. Working primarily behind the scenes as a set builder his attention to detail and precision - despite the lifespan of the object being built - meant that where a nail would do for some, a drill and/or screw would be used by him. His involvement covered more than 100 sets.


He was also secretary for the society during the late sixties, keeping all members fully informed about what was going on during that time. During the seventies he became a Vice President of the group, as he took a break to work for the Plowright Theatre as a stage manager, before returning once more to the group.


Brian loved character parts and during our 1975 production of ‘Hotel Paradiso’ our professional director (Charlie Hanson) commented that Brian knew what he was doing as he staggered onstage, as a porter, carrying a large but empty case. Back in the year 2000, Brian said his favourite play had been ‘Diplomatic Baggage’ (1968):


“I was 35 when I played Uncle Luke, a 75 year old retired sea captain. I had all my teeth out before the play, and the new ones couldn't be fitted until after it - what devotion to the cause!”


This dry humour and his witty comments will be missed by all and Brian will be fondly remembered for his advice and guidance over the many years.


The society would like to wish his family all the best for the future.

Les Tong