Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

 43rd Production


Look Back in Anger


By John Osborne

31st May - 3rd June 1961


Jimmy Porter

Cliff Lewis

Allison Porter

Helena Charles

Colonel Redfern

Jazz Music by

David Mann

Fred Swainson

Pauline Clayton

Sheila Smith

Michael Bradley

Alf Wright and friends

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers




House Manager (for The Hospital Players)

Licensee and Manager (for Scunthorpe Corporation)

Eric Dove

Terry Hill

Yvonne Booth

Max Hamilton

Barbara Strickland

Joe Carling

Mavis Ellin

J. H. E. Biggs

Programme Notes

Left to right: Pauline Clayton, Fred Swainson, Michael Bradley, Sheila Smith

David Mann

originally joined the Society about 18 months ago but has only recently returned to England after a year's tour of various countries. He has had many intriguing stories to tell us of his experiences abroad, especially the last 6 months which he has spent in the U.S.A. Unfortunately we were unable to offer him a part requiring an American accent this time!

We welcome him back "to the fold" and to his debut in this, his first major part. David has many sporting interests including cricket, hockey, and rugby. He is employed at Lysaght's Scunthorpe Works but his home is in West Hartlepool, Co. Durham.