Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

90th Production

Hotel Paradiso

By Georges Feydeau and Maurice Desvallieres

English adaptation by Peter Glenville

Tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th December 1975


Boniface, a builder

Angelique, his wife

Cot, an architect

Marcelle, his wife

Maxime, his nephew

Victoire, a maid

Martin, a barrister

Suzanne, daughter of M. Martin

Violette, daughter of M. Martin

Paquerette, daughter of M. Martin

Pervenche, daughter of M. Martin

Marguerite, daughter of M. Martin

Anniello, hotel manager

Georges, a page

Tabu, a schoolmaster

A Lady

A Duke

Inspector Bouchard

Porters, Policemen

Keith Saville

Joan Brown

David Elford

Chris Spindley

Paul Dennis

Lynne Stebbing

John Preston

Judie Smith

Ann O'Donaghue

Hazel Green

Margaret Hague

Paula Benson

Chris Freer

Mark Rudd

Bill Bateson

Margaret Hague

Les Tong

Geoff Stebbing

Bill Bateson

Brian Lewis

Les Tong

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers









Set Design

Set Construction


Set Painted by


Press Publicity

Production Secretary

Charlie Hanson

Brian Lewis

Chris Squire

Malcolm Stenner

David Proctor

Jacquie Fisher

Judie Smith

Joan Brown

Avril Fisher

Geoff Fletcher

Bob Perks

David Elford

Les Tong

Chris Freer

Bill Bateson

Lindsey Bird

Dorothy Coakley

Jill Burns

Front of House

House Managers

Box Office

Theatre Licensee

Theatre Manager

Stage Managers

Jill Burns

Marian Westland

Phyllis Dadd

Myles Lucas

Mavis Ellin

Brian Lewis

Tony Holmes

Christine Spindley and David Elford
David Elford, Chris Freer and Joan Brown
Margaret Hague and Les Tong