Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

189th Production

Home is Where Your Clothes Are

By Anthony Marriott and Bob Grant

Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th September 2008

The Major thinks he has solved all his debt problems by letting the basement flat of his wife’s house… to two different tenants simultaneously. His resourcefulness is stretched to breaking point by mistaken identities, awkward confrontations and hectic misunderstandings.


Major Alan Buxton

Jill Palmer

Philip Clarke

Ronald Chelmsford-Smythe

Elizabeth Chelmsford-Smythe

Humphrey Bennett QC

Brenda Bennett


Graham Wells

Rachel Ireland

Jake West

Chris Johnson

Lynn Burkinshaw

Mick Metcalfe

Rachael Elliott

Paige Hurley

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Nikki Thompson

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Posted on the BBC Radio Humberside website on 17th September 2008