Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

46th Production

A Theatrical Production of


East Lynne


The Wages of Sin


by Mrs. Henry Wood


Given by The Hospital Players and The Little Theatre Club

13th - 16th December 1961

Characters in the Piece

Sir Francis Levison (an evil man)

Archibald Carlyle (an honest lawyer)

Lord Mount Severn (Lady Isabel's Guardian)

Justice Hare (Father to Richard Hare)

Richard Hare (an honest man, falsely accused of murder)

Mr. Dill (a retainer)

An Officer of the Law

Little Willie (son to Archibald Carlyle and his estranged wife, Isabel)

Lady Isabel (first wife of Archibald Carlyle)

Madam Vine (the same, pseudonymously)

Barbara Hare (rival to Lady Isabel for the love of Archibald Carlyle and later his wife)

Miss Carlyle (a spinster lady, half-sister of Archibald Carlyle)

Joyce (faithful servant of the Carlyle family)

Cooks, Maids, etc.

Mr. Hankinson

Mr. Frost

Mr. Niblett*

Mr. Stubbs

Mr. Wharton

Mr. Abbey

Mr. Ray

Master Reader

Mrs. Clayton

Mrs. Clayton

Mrs. Brown

Miss Dadd

Mrs. Brown

Ladies of the Company

*Owing to the indisposition of Mr. Niblett the part of Lord Mount Severn will be played by Mr. Goodliffe.

Production Team

The Piece prepared for the stage by

Musical Arrangements put into effect by

Illumination Engineered by


Costumes Worked by


Transformation & Off-Stage Manipulations Executed by

Miss Gardner

Mr. Gotobed

Mr. Brown

Mr. Carling

Miss Dadd

and other Ladies

Mr. Harrop

and other Gentlemen

Programme Notes

In this attempt to re-produce “East Lynne” According to the spirit in Which it was first played, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Audience are, with the Managements’ Respects, most Earnest and Emphatically Exhorted to Restrict their Participation in the Piece to within the confines of What is Seemly – viz., The Villain may be Boo’d or Hissed, the Heroine may be Sighed over, and tears will not be deemed Unmanly at the Final Tragedy.


Beyond this, Suitable Comments on the action (of a Helpful or an Uplifting Nature) may be tolerated, provided always that the Dignity of the Actors be not brought in Jeopardy, nor Language Employed that might be calculated to Bring the Blush of Shame to the Cheek of Modesty.


The Casting upon the stage of Soft or Hard Fruit, Corks, Nut Shells or Farthings, Ha’pence & the like Insulting Coins, And Suchlike Scenes of Riot and Disturbance – Including Interference of any Sort or Kind with the Actors – will post-haste result in the Summoning to the Theatre of the Officers of the Law.


Intending Miscreants, Ya-Hoos, Mohocks and all Low Fellows are reminded of the Proximity of this House to the District Office of the County Constabulary.


Miss Ellin and Mr. Stubbs, Managers to the Company.