Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

67th Production

Diplomatic Baggage

By John Chapman

30th April - 4th May 1968

John Chapman has become famous through his association with Brian Rix and the Whitehall Theatre company and ‘Diplomatic Baggage’ is one of the very best of its type. It concerns the misadventures of a well-meaning but incompetent junior Civil Servant who is entrusted with the task of negotiating a tricky Common Market agreement with the French government.

The play contains not only a fair amount of the broad humour which one associates with the Whitehall farces but also many more purely verbal jokes. It also gives us the opportunity to feature some of our pretty girls – of which we seem able to maintain an inexhaustible supply – in a series of more or less revealing costumes. In short, we think there is something for everyone in this production.


Captain Luke Layton R.N.

Pamela Layton

Harrison Tweedie, M.B.E.

Barry Layton


Monsieur Martell

Madame Martell

Hotel Porter




Brian Lewis

Pauline Clayton

David Elford

David Mann

Michael Spafford

Ron Tyson

Doreen Sutton

Stephen Coppinger

Beryl Rooney

Mary Brown

Zoe Riby

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers








Lighting Adviser

Lighting Operator


Set Designer

Set Constructed by


House Manager

Theatre Manager

Theatre Licensee

Phyllis Dadd

Gerald Fillingham

Margaret Hague

Maureen Johnston

David Wilson

Hedley Brown

Evelyn Raby

Brendan Donaghy

Eric Coe

Nigel Shaw

David Dalton

Joan Brown

Carol Peasgood

Barbara Shaw

The Hospital Players

Phyllis Dadd

Marilynne Spavin

David Dalton

Glyn Roberts