Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943



We have welcomed guest directors from time to time - some professional, some from other local amateur dramatics groups. We have welcomed guest actors from other groups, and some of our members have guested in other groups’ productions.


We have also worked with other groups on joint productions. We jointly presented ‘East Lynne’ and ‘The Crucible’ with Little Theatre Club, and have taken part in several Drama Federation productions (plays involving members of the groups making up the Federation). Early Drama Federation presentations were:

  • 'Peer Gynt' (1958, staged to mark the opening of the Civic Theatre);
  • 'Jack Adams' (1960);
  • 'Troilus and Cressida' (1963);
  • 'The Captain of Kopenick' (1967); and
  • 'A Gown for his Mistress' (1976).

In 1978, the Drama Federation groups took part in a Festival of Amateur Drama, celebrating the Civic Theatre's 20th anniversary. The Hospital Players performed 'Two and Two Make Sex' as part of the Festival. 

The Drama Federation then staged 'The Threepenny Opera' in 1979 and 'Bridge Over the River, Why?' in 1981, the latter to mark the opening of the Humber Bridge. Members of The Hospital Players were again involved, both onstage and backstage.

'Lark Rise' (1983) was one of two Drama Federation productions hosted by The Hospital Players during the 1980s

The Hospital Players hosted two Drama Federation productions in the 1980s. 'Lark Rise' (1983) commemorated the Civic Theatre's silver jubilee, and 'Tiddy Mun' (1985) was the world premier of Jack Gale's historical drama. Both these productions were directed by professional director Alec Mortimer.

The Hospital Players participated in another Drama Federation production, 'Tom Jones' in 1990. We then joined forces with Little Theatre Club to co-host a Drama Federation production of 'Canterbury Tales' in 2008. This play was in celebration of The Plowright Theatre's 50th anniversary (the Civic Theatre was renamed The Plowright in 1993).

2018 saw the Drama Federation present another play, 'Underneath the Arches,' directed by Darren Johnson. This marked the 60th anniversary of the Plowright Theatre, and involved several members of The Hospital Players.

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