Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

100th Production

Canterbury Tales

By Martin Starkie and Nevill Coghill

Based on a translation from Chaucer by Nevill Coghill

Tuesday 1st - Saturday 5th May 1979


The Host

The Knight

The Priest

The Friar

The Merchant

The Steward

The Miller

The Squire

The Wife of Bath

The Prioress

The Nun

The Girls



The Pages


Geoffrey Chaucer

John Haslehurst

Keith Saville

David Brooks

Chris Hagg

John Preston

Alan Tasker

Chris Freer

Paul Dennis

Joan Brown

Cathie Wilson

Jill Burns

Angie Haslehurst

Cherie Cox

Jacquie Fisher

John Hill

Barrie Graham

David Elford

The Miller's Tale







Chris Hagg

Jacquie Fisher

John Preston

Chris Freer

Alan Tasker

Barrie Graham

The Steward's Tale


His Wife




Chris Freer

Joan Brown

Angie Haslehurst

John Preston

Chris Hagg

The Merchant's Tale









Keith Saville

Paul Dennis

Cherie Cox

John Haslehurst

Jacquie Fisher

John Haslehurst

David Elford

Cathie Wilson

The Wife of Bath's Tale



Young Knight

Old Woman

Keith Saville

Angie Haslehurst

John Preston

Joan Brown

The Musicians







Musical Director

Neil Barber

David Dent

Alan Harsley


Brenda Goodacre

Shelly Begge

Geoffrey Fletcher

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers










Music Rehearsal







Press Publicity

Production Secretary

Phil Partridge

Bill Bateson

Jan Gregory

Nina Dewa

Cathy Burrell

Doreen Sutton

Joan Crowther

Margaret Searby

Mike Westland

Adele Tasker

Sheila Scott

Elaine Lee

Brenda Goodacre

Chris Spindley

Margaret Young

David Elford

Les Tong

Geoff Scott

John Haslehurst

Margaret Tong

Jan Wilson

Front of House

House Manager

Box Office

Marian Westland

Phyllis Dadd

For the Civic Theatre



Stage Managers

Myles Lucas

Mavis Ellin

Brian Lewis

Tony Holmes

Tributes marking The Hospital Players' 100th Production and the Civic Theatre's 21st Anniversary

What a fascinating choice for your 100th effort and the theatre's 21st Birthday. Congratulations and very best wishes for a resounding success.

Miss Kay Gardner,

former Manager of the Civic Theatre, director of East Lynne and Journey's End

During the many years when I acted as Drama Adviser for what was once known as Lindsey, I was privileged to help The Hospital Players with many of their shows and I shall always remember those times as particularly happy occasions.

Now that I have passed my seventieth birthday I feel even more privileged at being able to celebrate with this splendid group the achievement of their 100th production.

My wife joins me in warmest congratulations on their long record of service to the town and its delightful theatre and in wishing them every success with this and many, many more productions still to come.

Mr. Geoffrey Mostyn Lewis

Congratulations and all good wishes to The Hospital Players on the occasion of their 100th production and Happy Anniversary to the Civic Theatre.

Mr. Alan Ayckbourn

I wish The Hospital Players a happy celebration and many more years of successful productions. Here's to the 100th full length production!

Mr. John (sometimes 'Frank') Hancock,

played Lord Brocklehurst in The Hospital Players' first production, The Admirable Crichton

It is rather difficult to find words to express my pleasure in being able to take part in the celebrations of your 100th production and 21st birthday of the Civic Theatre.

25 years ago the Libraries and Museum Committee were keen that we should have a theatre. Enquiries were made about various buildings in the town and then it was decided we should build a theatre of our own, which was one of the first Civic Theatres to be built after the war.

I have been able to keep in contact with the theatre as Chairman of the Libraries, Museum and Arts Committee, President of The Hospital Players and President of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society.

For the success of the Theatre we have to thank local drama groups who have staged so many successful productions; the staff and voluntary staff who have worked so hard for the twenty-one years the Theatre has been open and also the members of the public for their regular support.

All that remains for me to do is to wish The Hospital Players and the Civic Theatre many happy returns of the day.

Mr. Edwin Austin,

then President of The Hospital Players

From The Hospital Players Chairman

A warm welcome to all our friends old and new. We have tried to contact as many ex-members and people who have helped us in the past as we possibly could. Some we could not trace at all (though it has been fun trying!), others for one reason or another may have been missed from our long guest list. If you are one, please accept our apologies.

From our first production ‘The Admirable Crichton’ in 1943 to our one hundredth ‘Canterbury Tales’ in 1979, Phyllis Dadd has been connected with the group through 99 of them – she joined The Hospital Players for their second show ‘Ma’s Bit o’ Brass,’ which played at the old Savoy Theatre on May 5th 1944 and was then taken on ‘tour’ round the villages.

The tradition of taking shows round the villages has continued up to the present time. For the past four years we have produced one or two one-act plays with musical interludes, to make up an entertaining programme to take to local church and village halls. Everyone enjoys going ‘on tour’ and we always have a very good response when news of our intended one-act tours is circulated. A monthly newsletter keeps members up to date with planned events and general news and gossip within the group and also provides a forum for members’ ideas on plays and social activities. With a membership of 50 this is a vital job.

As well as our three full-length productions at the Civic Theatre each year and our one-act tourers, we have at least one social event a month. This helps to keep members not involved in a play at the time in touch with each other. We have theatre visits – Civic Theatre and out of town to Sheffield, Leeds, York and Lincoln, and outings to local hostelries for what is known by the Players as a ‘Pub and Grub’ (always were fond of their food and drink I understand). Annual events include Christmas dinner and dance, Carol singing, Car Rally, Fossil Hunt, Golf Tournament, a weekend in Stratford and an annual day trip to Scarborough to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, usually to see the latest Alan Ayckbourn play.

We try not to forget our early connections with the Hospital, and for that reason we retain the name of The Hospital Players, although it has been suggested we add ‘marriage bureau’ to our title, as we have had a large number of weddings within the group in the last couple of years!

What is the secret of success of The Hospital Players? It’s difficult to assess but we are a happy group; proud of our past, loyal to each other, and looking forward to a long and equally successful future.

Thank you for your support in the past, during this memorable week, and hopefully in the future.

Jill Burns