Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

194th Production

Big Bad Mouse

By Philip King and Falkland L. Cary

Tuesday 11th - Saturday 15th May 2010

In the Orders Office of Chunkibix Ltd., it is decidedly Mr. Price-Hargraves who gives the orders and little Mr. Bloome who obeys them. Until, that is, Mr. Bloome is one day accused of chasing a young female across Wandsworth Common. To his amazement the reprehensible conduct makes him a hero of every woman and girl in the office. So glorious is Bloome’s transformation that when the young person in question discovers she has made a mistake in her identification, Bloome is less than pleased and determines to keep her quiet.


Fiona Jones

Harold Hopkins

Miss Spencer

Mr. Price-Hargraves

Mr. Bloome

Lady Chesapeake

Doris Povey

The Announcer

Elizabeth Hempstock

Chris Johnson

Melanie Mason

Andy Pontin

Graham Wells

Nikki Thompson

Bianca Ireland

Ralph Booth

Production Team


Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Manager

Front of House Manager






Set Design

Set Construction


Set Painting






Programme Design


Mike Bradley

Rachel Ireland

Mick Metcalfe

Jan Gregory

Caroline Norden

Alex Vergette

Jan Gregory

The Cast

Ann Brown

Debbie Johnson

David Elford

David Elford

Brian Lewis

Graham Wells

Brian Lewis

Jan Gregory

Graham Wells

Elizabeth Hempstock

Margaret and Les Tong

Jake West

Jan Gregory

The Cast