Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

143rd Production

The Hospital Players

Augmented by The Kimberley School of Dancing


Babes in the Wood

By Paul Reakes

Tuesday 24th - Saturday 28th November 1992

The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham is planning horrible deeds including robbing the poor and poisoning his niece and nephew - the babes - so he can inherit their fortune. However, Robin Hood and his Merry Men have other plans, not least the rescue of Maid Marian, despite the interference of the wicked witch, Nausea Nightshade; and a mysterious strangers saves the day when it seems Nausea might triumph. Colourful characters, such as the madcap Nurse Nitwit and the slapstick duo, Mole and Wart, ensure plenty of laughs for all ages.






Nurse Nitwit

Maid Marian

Robin Hood

Little John

Sheriff of Nottingham

Friar Tuck

Will Scarlet

Nausea Nightshade

A Demon

The Stranger

Merry Men




The Townsfolk



















The Dancers

Melanie Taylor

Mike Jarvis

Martin Davies

Emma Bainbridge

John Preston

Jan Gregory

Julie John

Chris Freer

Graham Massey

Bruno Smith

Paul Dennis

Caroline Norden

Kate Maloney

David Elford

John Davies

Brian Dougherty

Bob Owen

Ben Bateson

Lesley Wiseman

Margaret Tong

Katie Bright

Brian Lewis

Brian Dougherty

Les Tong

Mavis Davies

Judie Bateson

Bob Owen

Thomas Tong

Shany Boyle

John Davies

Sarah Wiseman

Daniel Tong

Tim Bateson

Kevin Lewis

Nathan Jarvis

Anna Davies

Ben Bateson

Nichola Matin

Clare White

Ruth Mills

Emma Havercroft

Helen Cuthbertson

Gemma Martin

Clare Johnson

Lindsey Brown

Katie Goodrum

Rebecca Ward

Laura Jarvis

Sarah Atkinson

Louisa Carr

Sammy Lockley

Nicola Raby

Hannah Newton

Rachel Prosser

Helen Millward

Victoria Thackeray

Emily Owen

The Musicians

Directed from the Piano by



Jean Leong

Keith Blanchard

Thomas Tong

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Stage Manager

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Set Painting



Press and Publicity



Front of House Manager

Ann Brown

Judie Bateson

Jacky Bacon

Kevin Maloney

Martin Thackeray

Pete Carr

Kim Cooper

Bill Bateson

Mavis Davies

Linda Bainbridge

Lesley Wiseman

Shany Boyle

Karen Preston

Brian Lewis

David Elford

Les Tong

The Hospital Players and their children

6th Ashby Guides

Sarah Miles

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Paula Fawcett

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