Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

114th Production

Babes in the Magic Wood

By David Wood

Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th December 1983

"Babes in the Magic Wood" is a musical play for all the family. In the cast are Widow Crockett and her Babes, Simple Simon and Contrary Mary who all run a toyshop. One Christmas Eve they are behind with their work and their Fairy Godmother provides some helpers in the form of Jack-in-the-Box, Ragdoll and Clockwork Panda.

Pick and Nick, two rascally robbers, have their attempt to steal the toys foiled and many perilous adventures follow.

Will the children and toys triumph?

Will the clever donkey help them?

Find out at the Civic Theatre from Tuesday, 6th December to Saturday, 10th December.


Simple Simon

Contrary Mary

Fairy Godmother & Superwitch

Widow Crockett



The Donkey


Jack in the Box

Rag Doll

Clockwork Panda


The Vicar

Father Christmas


Paul Dennis

Jacky Bacon

Cherie Cox

John Preston

Jan Hagg

Chris Hagg

Joan Brown

Keith Saville

Angie Haslehurst

Bridget Edwards

Chris Freer

Denise Bolton

Chris Squire

Alan Dawson-Hollis

Marian Westland

Les Tong

Denise Bolton

Alan Dawson-Hollis

Florence Bliss

Viv Hall

The Musicians

Musical Director and Piano


Andrea Curtis

Doug Kirk

Production Team


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Managers







Assisted by



Lighting Design

Lighting Operator

Set Design

Set Construction




Advance Booking


House Manager

Box Office

David Elford

Brian Lewis

Marian Westland

Les Tong

Alan Dawson-Hollis

Chris Squire

Florence Bliss

Ann Brown

Margaret Young

Marian Westland

Judie Bateson

Lesley Wiseman

Mike Westland

Chris Curtis

David Elford

Bill Bateson

Brian Lewis

Karen Preston

Doreen Lynch

Lesley Wiseman

Joan Brown

Jill Burns

Phyllis Dadd

For the Civic Theatre

Theatre Manager

Theatre Licensee

Stage Managers

Mavis Ellin

Myles Lucas

Tony Holmes

Paul Hickson