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The Hospital Players
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"I just wanted to say how we enjoyed the event. All the actors and backroom team deserve our many thanks. Although just another 'show' for you, we were still buzzing the next day."

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the performances tonight from Melanie, Jacky, Jan and Teri. You each in turn had such long scripts to learn, and delivered them perfectly!... It was good fun and was certainly 'Just the Ticket'!"

"Saw it last night and really enjoyed it. It was lovely to be back at the Plowright. Well done to all involved."

"Well done to all the cast (and not forgetting the crew). Absolutely loved it. Definitely worth going to see."

"Would like to say a huge congratulations to The Hospital Players on a fantastic rendition of JUST THE TICKET... A brilliant performance by each of the four talented ladies: Melanie Mason, Jacky Bacon, Jan Gregory and Teri Kent. Amazing."

"The girls are amazing in their storytelling. It will make you laugh and feel sad at times. I can definitely relate to Susan. Thank you Hospital Players for a great night of entertainment."

"It was very funny and really enjoyed it but most of all it was our first trip to the theatre since before lockdown so it was even more special."

"Thank you all so much for a fantastic evening. My first experience of The Hospital Players... and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. A brilliant cast and crew... Congratulations to every single one of you."

"What a great performance! It was so nice to be back at the Plowright and to watch a fantastic funny play. Well done all of you."

“A big thank you to The Hospital Players for such a good night’s entertainment, thoroughly enjoyed the play and how wonderful to have a blooming good laugh after 17 months of no theatre.”

“One of the funniest plays we have seen in a long time. Fabulous acting and a really great script made for an unforgettable evening. How the cast themselves knew where the respective suitcases were situated is a mystery to me.”

“We saw Heatstroke last night – it was absolutely brilliant, well done to all those involved.”

"What a great night tonight - never laughed so much. Well done."

“Great night!!! So funny. Maggie and Bert were definite favourites. All the family were repeating the lines and still laughing all the way home. Brilliant.”

“Yet again, another fabulous production. Well done one and all – thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Me and my wife attended the Tuesday performance. I learnt a lot! I never knew she was a fan of Noel Coward, while I knew nothing. We were both thoroughly entertained. Thank you for entertaining us both and introducing me to his work.”

“Enjoyed every minute of the show.”

“Fantastic performance by you all – a really enjoyable and fun evening.”

"Thoroughly enjoyed the performance - well done everyone."

“Can thoroughly recommend!!! Beats watching telly any day!!! Great job guys!”

“What a fantastic production – laughing from start to finish. My first visit to Plowright, it definitely won’t be my last.”

“So funny – the actors and actresses were great, right on cue, knew their lines. Well done to you all, great night.”

“Amazing actors. What a fabulous professional show and a laugh a minute. Can’t wait for your next one. Thank you.”

“We went to see The 39 Steps yesterday, and were really impressed. We had wondered how this story, with all its outdoor action, would be translated to the stage, and were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Playing as a comedy was just the trick.”

“Congratulations! The HPs have done it again, got a real hit once more!! Well I certainly wasn’t expecting what we got! I had seen The 39 Steps on TV only a couple of weeks ago, so I was expecting something similar. What we got was absolutely hilarious - we couldn't stop laughing, and the use of that window frame was a masterpiece. 10 out of 10 to all the actors and everyone involved. Also many congratulations to Rachael and Mick.”

“A very clever adaptation. The 39 Steps as you’ve never seen it before! Every member of the cast played their many parts extremely well.”

"Great show last night... enjoyed it every bit as much as when I saw it in the West End a few years back. Kudos to all involved."

"Congratulations to the directors and also to all the actors - you all must have worked so hard. I laughed till I cried. I can't remember a play so funny - you deserve full houses every night. I feel proud to be a Vice President of such a talented group."

Mrs. J. Burns

“Such fun! Everyone played their part so well. Thank you for such an enjoyable evening.”

“I have to say a big congrats to all. Last night’s show was brilliantly staged and acted - the best show I’ve seen from HP in recent times (they're all good but this was tops!). Loved the show in 2003 and loved it again this time round!”

“Congratulations everyone!! Excellent performances all round. A very enjoyable evening.”

“Just a line to congratulate the cast on a superb piece of acting. Excellent timing and picking up of cues as well as some brilliant acting.”

"Been to see tonight - and LOVED it. Absolutely brilliant."

"You were all brilliant tonight guys, really enjoyed the show."

"Superb tonight, really enjoyed the laughs." 

"We really enjoyed the Players' latest show of Nana's Naughty Knickers - very well acted and had loads of laughs. Thanks for such a great night."

"You had us in stitches last week with Nana's Naughty Knickers - funny show and very well acted. Everyone I saw had a broad grin on their face as they left the theatre."

"Another great production from the HPs. Congratulations to all involved. On my way out last night, I overheard a conversation. "We always watch The Hospital Players, they are always good, this was the best." Well done again!"

“I thoroughly enjoyed the play, and laughed out loud. The whole cast did a great job, and were very believable. I know how difficult dialogue is in this type of play, and if there were any faults I never noticed them.”

"My husband and I had a wonderful evening at the Plowright Theatre last Tuesday and would like to thank everyone involved in the production of How the Other Half Loves for such an excellent evening's entertainment."

"Excellent show tonight - our very first Hospital Players production. It was slick, hilarious and we were very impressed. Looking forward to hearing what you will be doing next."

“Fantastic! How we laughed, at the theatre, on the way home, the next morning and we are still laughing! What a tonic! Well done to you all.”

"My husband and I always enjoy every play you do, but feel that I must say that last night's performance was terrific. The casting was perfect and every actor played their part brilliantly. Thank you."

"We really enjoyed Shady Business yesterday evening - you had us in stitches throughout. Despite the heavy rain, the audience was one mass of grins and laughter leaving the Plowright."

“I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I look forward to your performances. We have seen professional shows in London, which we have enjoyed, but still prefer to see your wonderful shows.”

“Well the HPs have done it again! What a show. Congratulations to everyone involved. The direction was excellent, set and costumes excellent, and all the actors were beautifully cast. I am sure the audience loved it.”

"Brought my 12 year old son to watch tonight's performance and we both loved it, very funny and entertaining. Well done!!"

WOW.... Fantastic show, well done to the hospital players another hilarious performance. Fab acting and a fab script. :)

Stacy McMahon

Great show...admirably handled by a wonderful night out in a while. Nice to see a full house supporting local Artists.


Whilst collecting our tickets for the show on Friday evening (21/09/2012) the question was asked of us regarding our experience of booking tickets on-line. The ability for us to book on-line made it very easy to buy tickets, if we would have needed to travel in to town to buy the tickets and book seats then we may have decided against visiting the show in favour of an alternative event or venue that accepts on-line bookings. In addition, the fact that a flyer was posted through our front door, advertising the production prompted us to buy tickets and attend the show. We had a super evening and enjoyed the production immensely. We will be looking out for flyers and information advertising the next production by the Hospital Players and will certainly consider another trip to the theatre. 

Ian Mumby

Just to thank you for the performance this evening. The pupils really enjoyed it and I feel it will certainly enhance their appreciation of Shakespeare and his work. The play was edited to great effect, bringing to life the characters and settings we have been studying. Hope to see you again.

S. Stevenson, Frederick Gough Specialist Language College


My congratulations to the group on the last year’s productions, particularly Midsummer Night's Dream, it was a masterpiece.



Enjoyed your Midsummer Night's Dream very much. You all did a smashing job.




Got to say, absolutely loved it. I've seen a few now and they are always brilliant but that was special. Congratulations to all involved.

Richard Ireland


Congratulations on a brilliant performance tonight! My 13 year old daughter and I loved it. Very entertaining evening - thank you!

Christine Garret


Loved it!! actually made me cry with laughter..:) xxx

Gemma Wells

“I really enjoyed the evening. Congratulations to you all for staging an excellent show.”

Peter Gordon, author

“We attended last night’s performance of ‘Murdered to Death’ and found that you excelled yourselves. The performance was not extremely good, as most of your performances are - this time it was absolutely brilliant! The plot and script were good and this good basis was played to perfection by the cast. The production was well paced and left all five of us feeling exhilarated. Thank you for a perfect evening of entertainment.”

"Just wanted to say I came to see Home is Where Your Clothes Are last night and wanted to congratulate the fantastic cast. Graham had his work cut out with the clothes swaps but it was fantastic. Well done to all involved - I haven't laughed so much in ages!!"