Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

61st Production

All My Sons

By Arthur Miller

20th - 23rd April 1966


Joe Keller

Kate Keller

Chris Keller

Ann Deever

George Deever

Dr. Jim Bayliss

Sue Bayliss

Frank Lubey

Lydia Lubey


Hedley Brown

Joan Brown

Ray Dicks

Anne Thomas

David Mann

Ivan Clayton

Margaret Williamson

David Elford

Sandra Moutrey

Anthony Hall

Production Team


Stage Manager

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Licensee for the Scunthorpe Corporation

Theatre Manager for the Scunthorpe Corporation

House Manager for The Hospital Players

Ray Dicks

David Elford

Nigel Shaw

Chris Hubback

Brian Lewis

Carol Peasgood

Phyllis Dadd

Peter Akehurst

Carl Birkwood

Ivan Clayton

The Hospital Players

R. G. Roberts

D. Dalton

Mavis Ellin

Programme Notes

Director's Notes

The fortress to which ‘All My Sons’ lays siege is the fortress of unrelatedness. It is an assertion not so much of a morality in terms of right and wrong, but of a moral world being such because men cannot walk away from certain of their deeds.


In this sense Joe Keller is a threat to Society, and as such the play is a social play. Its “socialness” does not reside in its having dealt with the crime of selling defective materials to a nation at war, it is that the crime is seen as having roots in a certain relationship of the individual to society, which, if dominant, can mean a jungle experience for us all.