Scunthorpe's Oldest Amateur Dramatics Group - Established 1943

The Hospital Players' 70th Anniversary Year

The Hospital Players celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2013

In 2013, The Hospital Players celebrated their 70th anniversary. We marked this milestone with a Platinum Ball. You can find treasured mementos from the Ball below.


(Tune - All Things Bright and Beautiful)

Written and performed by Graham Wells

HPs are so wonderful, There is no doubting that,

HPs are so brilliant, We know where it's at.

On stage in plays in church halls to shows at the Plowright,

Late entrances, missed sentences. 

You can't win every night.

HPs are so wonderful, that's just what we all say.

HPs are so brilliant, the next play's on its way.

The scenery goes crashing, the smoke machine goes spare

You know you're born, when tabs are drawn

Does this bed go over there?

HPs are so wonderful, of that you can be sure.

HPs are so brilliant, listen up I'll tell you more.

We natter on in dressing rooms, when we should be on stage

With a cry, 'Oh s**t! This is my bit,'

Our brains we then engage.

HPs are so wonderful, up for any wheeze.

HPs are quite brilliant, everyone agrees.

And on that theme of memory, the lines that we forgot.

But if in doubt you can always shout,

A Micky Metcalfe ‘What!’

HPs are so wonderful, we sometimes get it right.

HPs are so brilliant, let's break a leg tonight.

The final scene in act two, everything tense and tight

A loud guffaw comes from row four,

Ann Brown is in tonight.

HPs are so wonderful, credit where it's due.

HPs are so brilliant, that includes the backstage crew.

And now that we are seventy, on times we can reflect

To HPs past, who gave it a blast

Our thoughts we can direct.

HPs are so wonderful, we can sing with glee.

HPs have been brilliant

Since 1943.

A recording of Graham performing this song (recorded in 2020):